Senior Management Team

Photo of Michael J. Inglese

Michael J. Inglese Chief Executive Officer

Michael J. Inglese was appointed to our Board as of March 27, 2020 after the closing of the merger...

Photo of Aaron Dahlke

Aaron Dahlke Chief Financial Officer

Aaron Dahlke became our Chief Financial Officer in June 2017. Prior to that he was our Chief Accounting…

Photo of Douglas C. Winter

Douglas C. Winter Chief Commercial Officer

Douglas C. Winter became our Chief Commercial Officer in April 2019. Prior to joining Aircastle, Mr. Winter …

Photo of Christopher Beers

Christopher Beers Chief Legal Officer

Christopher L. Beers became our Chief Legal Officer in November 2014.

Photo of Roy Chandran

Roy Chandran Chief Strategy Officer

Roy Chandran became our Chief Strategy Officer in March 2020.

Photo of Dane Silverman

Dane Silverman Chief Accounting Officer

Dane Silverman became our Chief Accounting Officer in July 2021.

Photo of Joseph Schreiner

Joseph Schreiner Chief Technical Officer

Joseph Schreiner became our Chief Technical Officer in March 2020.

Photo of Guy Bacigalupi

Guy Bacigalupi Chief Risk Officer

Guy Bacigalupi is the Chief Risk Officer at Aircastle Advisor LLC. Prior to joining Aircastle in 2012, Guy has …